Getting Ready for the 1st Day of School

Welp. It's that time again. For those with kiddos and for those who are teachers and staff...we're all gearing up for the 2021-2022. school year.  I know the pandemic and remote/virtual learning have made school a different experience for everyone involved, but preparing for new school year can still be very exciting.  

For the past several years, I have been able to offer "back to school" boards, and for locals, I have created these boards using chalk markers so that you can repurpose your pieces each year. It's time to wash them off, and bring them back, OR possibly, if your interested, I can teach you how to create your own piece.  How does that sound?  

If you're in need of board inspiration for your own creations, here are some of my favorites. The following boards are created on 17x23 non-porous chalkboards:


17x23 chalkbord saying Abriannas first day of kindergarten with unicorn theme


chalkboard; make up themed saying Olivias first day of 2nd grade


If you want something on a smaller scale, here are a few pieces that you might like:


Julians first day of 4th grade

What do you do after you get these cute pictures? You document the milestone, ofcourse! Thank you to my friends and my own children, for allowing me to share these photos. 

two girls holding back to school boards

two boys holding one chalkboard

little girl with back to school board

Whatever you choose to do, I am happy to help you with the process. West coast starts school earlier this year, so either get your orders in and/or bring back those chalkboards. East coasters,  you have some time to think about what you may want to do, and I look forward to hearing all your creative ideas/themes.

Here's to all of my clients, past, present, and future. May this school year bring your children joy and success.  


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